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What makes "Straight 2 Work" superior to the competition??


Is it our quick response time, reliability, or expert knowledge??  You will be pleased, the most affordable, reliable computer repair company in the Tampa Bay area.  




-Home network configuration

-Troubleshooting weak signals

-Password retrieval and network security.

Data  management
​Remote  Support

-Recover data from crashed system.

-Backup of data to hard drive, flash drive or cloud.

-Transfer software and files


Troubleshooting issues in a quick, effective manner using remote access software.

Can resolve issues at a fraction of the cost of a residential call.


-Screen repair, replacement

-Email configuration

-Application and data transfer & configuration

iPad / smartphone                 repair

-Malware removal

-Spyware removal

-Adware removal

-Virus removal

-Pop up/SPAM software

-Update security 

​Virus removal
PC /Mac repair

-Hardware repairs

-Optimization, cleanup

-New system setup

-Installation of peripherals

-Software configuration & installation


Television and Home theater installation

Tutorials and Troubleshooting of iPads, tablets and devices.

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